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Versace is playing a long game with the latest campaign. Italian fashion house has an impressive number of faces in the set of latest advertising shots, to create the most comprehensive industry. Maison collected a total of 54 models for the fall 2018 campaign. This insists that it is the “longest advertisement image”.  buy Versace online sale says on the Instagram page.

Gianni Versace, Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham. What are these three names in common? They all unconsciously influenced the M & S collection of the following season.

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M & S is not the only High Street brand currently merged with  copy Versace online sale . In addition to collaboration with H & M labels, this brand has sent bright prints and color tsunamis to labels such as Miss Selfridge and Wallis who released today’s spring collection. Because it seems there is no danger that the Versace festival will decline yet, the luxurious Italian brand will showcase the couture collection for the first time in seven years.

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M & S was proud and proud of the influence of the Duchess Catherine. A sign showing a suggestion of a tweet including this event, such as “Middleton effect, last year’s summer coat shoes sold for 100 thousand pairs” was displayed. Black and brush, you should be wondering what the most popular color was. A simple floral print dress was more modest, but there was a Midleton silhouette.

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buy replica Versace replica onlion

“Brand brands split into 13 separate posts, side by side, the main image includes casts of 54 models symbolizing inclusiveness, the artistic director Donatella  Versace online sale replica and the important value of her vision to the brand This campaign was filmed by Steven Meisel and Stars Kaia Gerber, Stella Maxwell, Adut Akech The face from the area is also half of Palestinian fashion show Bella and Gigi Hadido, Nora Attal and Egyptians – Imaan Hammam from Morocco is participating “The longest Versace lineup consists of a vast array of people ranging from supermodels to young young talent.

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Mr. Donatella said, “My team not only extends to my work team,” he said. The Versace clan is a family member of Versace’s family, ranging from customers to all those who believe that they are advancing models, fans, photographers, stylists, friends, artists, and related means and listening to your voice It is made up of members. Not only saying “Please look at me”, “I have something to say,” Looking at me. “

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When you fill Audrey, Donatella  buy Versace online sale dog, it comes quite a surprise to find that she is Jack Russell and not some pocket pacifiers that can easily slide into Versace’s handbag. “She is not really a dog,” Versace says with a deep Italian accent. She is a woman from Versace. And in the inquiry, Audrey, one of the most iconic and influential fashion designers in the world, has found that it does not accurately lead the dog’s life.

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Best Golden age of Versace replica onlion buy

She has abrasions that soften the fur, and eats  copy Versace online sale best home-cooked meals. She also owns a wide personal wardrobe of Versace chain and collar, motif of house signature medusa and adorned Versace’s leather jacket.

Audrey  copy Versace online sale is expected to be a high octane pet that must be something of a celebrity. Her husband is a woman who eventually said that the most excessive fashion trend is “minimalism” and not wearing anything on the legs. For Versace, home, women, or dogs are not shy or retired. And it still has charm.

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Cheap Copy Golden age of Versace replica onlion buy

Today there is Donatella Versace in one of the historic palaces in Via Gesù in Milan. This was her brother’s house, the spiritual foundation of the fashion house. We have moved to a living room on the first floor, which is usually off.

The attractive Greco-Roman-meets-rock ‘n’ roll decoration includes antique statues, collection of gloves and old oil paintings, house prints featuring chairs and sofas,  Versace online sale replica  signature print cushions and decorative tableware It is covered with. Versace home collection.

One and a half hours ago she explained the reason for returning to this building in the second half of the 18th century, when she debuts the spring / summer men’s clothing in the vast decorative garden of the square in the plaza In the center of Milan she Present your work again.

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Best Copy Golden age of Versace replica onlion buy

“In this collection, I wanted to show here in a more intimate way and it has been 20 years since Gianni passed away.I came back to a building that represents Versace, with my brothers Building that I worked very closely for years – Gianni and I were very enjoyable, fighting, a lot of disagreements, and a lot of fun.I feel that I am home when I am here.

It turned out to be part of an important process for designers. The brothers were killed by losing their lives on the stairs of Miami’s mansion two decades ago. The event changed his sister’s life and forced her to occupy the company executives. She did not believe the role she wanted.

As Gianni’s muse and helper, she included Richard Abedon, who she designed for her line, turned out to be an apprentice apprentice and produce a famous advertising campaign taken by photographers.

However, after the death of Gianni, at her own admission, Versace online sale replica  suffered from the pressure to hold her sorrow and business together. But she succeeded, now she seems to be ready to eventually face the past after she is forced to become the head of the house. ‘Because I am nostalgic, I am showing my new collection here. I am not nostalgic – I like to see the future, not the past, but this building has memories. The building gives me power and reminds me that I need a decision to do what I believe.