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On December 2, 1946, Gianni Versace was born in Reggio di Calabria, Italy. Gianni Versace grew up in a family of fashion and his mother ran a company that made dresses. Grown up in fashion, Gianni launched his first  buy Versace online sale line in 1978 with his sister Donatella Versace and his brother Santo Versace in Milan. Soon Versace’s brand grew globally and belonged to the top of the fashion industry in the 1980s.

Gianni grew up and the ability improved. Thanks to his beautiful work, Gianni earned at the top, in 1992 he bought a huge house in Miami, Ocean Drive. Unfortunately, one day after 15 July 1997, Gianni was attacked at his door in Miami. His head was shot twice and Gianni passed away in some places.

Donatella and Santo continued the Versace Empire shortly after the brother’s death.  buy Versace online sale empire has already grown at a value of $ 807 million. The Versace family made this possible by expanding the empire with many collections and lines. Versace is not just clothes. For years, Versace has published several lines such as Versace fragrance (perfume), Versace watch (watch), Versace Eyewear (sunglasses).

The first line of Versace is named Versace. The first line is sold at the selected boutique. Therefore, it is privilege that you are allowed to say that you can sell this line. Fit using high quality material. This line is the most exclusive line. Versace is especially noted for its logo, the Medusa logo. From the T – shirt collection to the trousers jacket and the blouse, you always see the Medusa logo comes back. We sell Versace line for men in our online shop and our store in Amstelveen. Visit the beautiful leather jacket Versace Blousone Pelle or the stylish jacket Versace Giacca Tessuto. Here you can see fancy works at a glance.

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Versace Jeans is a more casual and accessible collection by Versace. This line is designed for those who like to be pronounced in collections you can not compare with any other brands. The design of Versace Jeans has beautiful basic, T-shirt, polo shirt, cardigan, sweater and VJ logo. Medusa’s logo is not a Medusa logo, it’s a unique design using Letters VJ and tigers. We sell Versace to both men and women both in our store and in our online shop. A very popular item in this line is Versace Jeansman T – shirt Print 12 C – Versace Jeansman T – shirt Pum 605 C and Versace Jeansman Sweater Pum 300 Tiger.